Thursday, June 14, 2012

B'shnorkestra Launches Kickstarter Campaign



THE TIME HAS COME!! Our Kickstarter campaign has been launched!

After the successful debut concerts last fall, I felt the next step was to professionally record the B’shnorkestra and the 8 new works premiered.

This month we are regrouping for a rehearsal and recording intensive. We will be recording this music at Bear Creek Studios, an amazing studio with a diverse track record from everything to Blond Redhead to Bill Frisell to Eric Clapton to Ginger Baker.  We are doing intensive rehearsals so that we can record live at the studio (with maybe a few overdubs) to preserve the crucial groove and spontaneity of live performance. After the recording session we will be playing a concert at Royal Room (in Seattle).

Kickstarter funds will be used to pay the musicians for their time.  These are some amazing professional musicians – Joshua Kohl (conductor), Jherek Bischoff, Alex Guy, Brianna Atwell, Lalo Bello, Greg Campbell, Tim Carey, Chris Credit, Adam Kozie, Daniel Mullikin, Maria Scherer Wilson, Tobi Stone, Alina To with guest artists Paris Hurley and Maeg O’Donogue-Williams-Sukarwanto.

These musicians play with a variety of musicians and ensembles including; the Degenerate Art Ensemble, Jim Knapp and Eyvind Kang’s Scrape, Reptet, Seattle Modern Orchestra,  Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Picoso, Jovino Santos-Neto Trio, Seattle Rock Orchestra, Wayne Horvitz, Macklemore, the Passenger String Quartet, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Bill Smith, and Stuart Dempster.

I’ve compiled a great list of rewards for funding this project.  You can think of it as a pre-order for the record and concert, or as an oppurtunity to acquire some items that are only available here.  Whatever you do, know that you will be supporting incredible musicians on a quest to record new and original music – we can’t do this without you!


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