Thursday, May 17, 2012

The night before quintet

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged.  Felt like getting at it again.  Tomorrow I have a debut show of my own quintet at The Royal Room.  We did one 3 song show before with a different pianist, but this time it's a full 8-tunes show.  After B'shnorkestra, I realized that nothing makes me happier than writing music and bringing people together to play it.  I decided that I wanted to start a smaller group with piano, because piano would let me do things compositionally that I could not with Reptet or B'shnorkestra.  And so it has, I think the music came out differently.  I did get the same exhilarating rush that I did for B'shnorkestra by writing a lot of music all at once.  Same nerves on presenting something under my own name.  It's been a blast working with these other four musicians.  We laugh a lot and have a few antics planned for the show.  Since I am so awful with titles I decided to compose another suite.  This one is dedicated to Mount Saint Helens, because she blew up 31 years ago on this date.  Also two songs dedicated to the insane amount of online Scrabble games I play with my dad.
As soon as this show is over tomorrow I will be prepping very hard for a 7 day B'shnorkestra intensive which involves long rehearsals, 3 days recording at Bear Creek Studio, and a show at the Royal Room.  But I can't quite think about that until at least Saturday.

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