Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rehearsals in full swing

We have been B'shnorking a whole lot over here on Capitol Hill.  Me and these 11 awesome musicians have been working really hard on the new pieces.  I must say its a lot of music, but we are getting it.  It's been a mix of detailed work on composed parts combined with jamming on sections to get the grooves worked out.  It's really coming together quite nicely.  Not to mention there is a really nice vibe in the rehearsals because on top of being great musicians these are all nice people that are fun to spend time with.  My chronic hiccup squawk showed up at rehearsal yesterday to crack up cellist Maria.
Tomorrow we have our first rehearsal with Lalo, I'm really looking forward to adding him to the mix and having three percussionists on three tunes.   
When not in rehearsal, I have been spending many hours listening to these rehearsals and practicing my parts and conducting.  It's pretty exciting, although I wish I could stop getting quite so excited so that I could sleep at night. 

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